Enter Church's Chicken Survey to Get a Discount Offer

Did you enjoy your meals at Church's Chicken Restaurants recently? Do you have any words want to tell Church's Chicken? If yes, just go to the website www.Churchschickenfeedback.com or www.churchslistens.com, and follow the instructions to complete the Church's Chicken Customer Satisfaction Survey, then you can leave your own feedback about your recent experience. As an appreciation of your participation, you will receive a discount offer for your next visit.

How to complete the survey:

To start the survey, you should have a recent Church's Chicken receipt at hand. When open the survey website, enter the store number and other required information from your receipt.

Then you can start to answer the survey questions one by one. All the questions are about your Church's Chicken experience. Just give your true thought about them

And at the end of the survey, you will receive a validation code for a reward offer for your next visit.

Click here to start the survey!

About Church's Chicken:

It's a casual type place to eat. The price won't usually break you, unless you like to eat a little of everything. They have really good dinner salads, and their fried chicken is served all day which makes people who love chicken very happy : ) I also like their biscuits and gravy very much. The service is typically decent and sometimes very good.