Sign Up for Informed Delivery Service Online

Informed Delivery is a free and optional notification service offered by the United States Postal Service whereby residential consumers can preview incoming mail digitally and manage packages in one convenient location. With Informed Delivery, you can view greyscale images of the exterior, address side of the letter-sized mailpieces, receive USPS Tracking updates for incoming packages, provide delivery instructions, manage notifications, and schedule redelivery.

How to Sign Up for Informed Delivery Service:

1. Visit and and click "Sign Up for Free."

2. Select "Create Account". You will be directed to a page to begin the sign up process. If you already have an account, just use it to login.

3. Enter your residential address or personal P.O. Box address to verify that it is eligible for Informed Delivery.

4. Create a personal account.

5. Complete the identity verification process by responding to the questions posed to you (examples are shown on the following page). Your responses are confidential and are not shared with USPS. When done, click "Continue."

6. Once you successfully verify your identity, you will be shown a confirmation page. Either select "Go to Dashboard," or, simply wait to be redirected to your Informed Delivery dashboard (which will happen after a few seconds).

7. Congratulations! You are now signed up for Informed Delivery and have the opportunity to digitally preview your mail and manage packages—all in one convenient location.

Please Note:

You must be a residential consumer or rent a P.O. Box for personal use and your ZIP Code and address must be eligible for Informed Delivery. You must complete an identity verification process.

Activation time for the feature may vary, but typically you will begin to receive email notifications or see dashboard images within 3 business days. In some instances, it can take up to 7 days for activation to complete.

Watch for a Welcome Letter in the mail. If you recognize the account information listed in the letter, no further action is required. If the account was not created by you or someone in your
household, you have the option to deactivate it by following the instructions in the letter.

Check out the Informed Delivery mobile app if you want to access the feature on-the-go.

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