Submit Your JCPenney Rebates Online

If you have purchased a product from JCPenney store or and receive a Sales Receipt Rebate form, now you can go to the website to claim the rebate offer online.

How to Claim a JCPenney Rebate Online:

1. Open the website link, then enter promo code found on the Sales Receipt Rebate form and select the purchase date. If you need to visit the website link to claim the offer, you just need to enter your purchase date.

2. Next choose the product that you have purchased and enter in your products purchase date. If you have multiple products eligible for a rebate in the same promotion you can select add another product.

3. Complete the online pre-submission form by entering your information on the customer information page. Your reward will be mailed to the information you provided in this section.

4. Select the Submit button to successfully complete the pre-submission process.

5. You will be directed to a Thank You page and provided with a Tracking Number. Retain this number for your records.

6. You will then be instructed to print the Thank You page to mail-in along with your Original Sales Receipt and Original UPC to complete your submission. If you do not have a printer at the time you can email the page to you and print later on.

How to track the status of your rebate:

It's very easy. Just go to the website and click on Track Your Rebate and completing the requested information, then you can learn the rebate status.

Need more help, click on contact us or by call customer service number at 855-263-0173.