Submit Your CooperVision Rebate Online

If you've made a complete eye exam and purchased your Coopervision Contact Lens included a rebate offer, you can now go to the website to start your rebate submission process online.

How to submit your rebate online:

1. Once you get the rebate form, open the above website link

2. On the submission page, read the instructions and enter the Offer Code found on the back of the rebate form you received. Click on the "Start My Claim" button to continue.

3. Provide the required personal and purchase information to complete the online rebate form. Then print it out with your printer.

4. Mail the printed rebate form and other required documents (Original dated sales receipt, original dated eye exam receipt and ORIGINAL end panels with prescription information from the boxes purchased) to the address shown on your rebate form.

Within 6-8 weeks after your submission, you can start to check your rebate status online at this website, too. Just click on the "Check Status" link, then enter your tracking number or Name and Zip code to get your rebate status.

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See more details at Need more help, call the Rebate Customer Service Center at 1-855-806-3234.