Submit Elanco Product Rebate Online

If you purchased an Elanco product recently and received a rebate offer promo code, you can go to the website to complete your rebate submission online within a few simple steps.

How to Submit Your Rebate Online:

First of all, you should find the promo code printed on your purchase receipt.

Then open the website link in your web browser. Enter the Promo Code and purchase date and click on the "Continue" button to begin your rebate submission.

On the next page, you need to provide more detailed information about you and your purchase, and upload any required documents or images along with your submission.

Finally, review the information and click the "Submit" button to successfully complete the submission process. You will be directed to a Thank You page and provided with a Tracking Number. Retain this number for your records.

Click here to start now!

Please note:

The submission process takes 6–8 weeks if mailed in, unless otherwise specified in the promotion terms and conditions. Your reward will be shipped to the address provided in the Customer Information section of the submission process.

Required documentation must be provided in order to process a valid submission. If you do not provide the required documents, your submission will be invalid. Contact the seller to request a copy of your proof of purchase, receipt, or other required document.