Redeem Your Verizon Wireless Rebate Online

If you received a rebate form with the equipment you purchased from Verizon Wireless, you can go to the website or to submit your rebate online & get your rebate cash easily in a few steps.

How to submit your rebate online:

To start, you need to have the original white Proof of Purchase (UPC) bar code and ESN or MEID bar code label at hand. When you open the above website, enter the "Promo Code" and "Order/Purchase date" found from your receipt, and click on the "Continue" button.

On the next page, click on the "Pre-Submit Your Rebate" button. Then you need to provide a copy of an itemized sales receipt and the entire Proof of Purchase (UPC / MEID / IMEI) bar code label.

Select the right rebate form and follow the instructions to fill out it. Once you complete all, click on the "Submit" button. Then you can print the rebate form, and mail it and other required materials to the address shown on the rebate form.

Click here to submit your rebate now!

After your submission, you should wait 8 weeks for the rebate processing. You can also check the status of your rebate at this website after two weeks from the date your submission.

How to check the status:

It's very simple. When open the website, click on the "Track" button, then enter your tracking number or your name and zip code to get your rebate status.

Click here to check status of a rebate

If you received your Verizon Wireless rebate card, you can go to the website to activate your card, check your card balance & manage your card account anytime & anywhere.

Need more help, click here to see the Rebate FAQs or call the customer service at (800) 457-0864.